QTO Estimation Service

We also serve as Business Consultants... Not just ERP Vendors
Send us your AutoCAD drawings, we'll provide you with Accurate Quantitative Estimation.


  • Service for Estimation on required quantities
  • Customers send us the AutoCAD drawings for quantitative estimation
  • Farvision AutoCAD integration generates accurate estimates from the drawings on real time basis
  • The generated estimates are delivered to the customers in minimum possible time


  • Avail our Estimation service if you require quantitative estimation from AutoCAD drawings
  • Send us the AutoCAD drawings you have for accurate estimation
  • Farvision AutoCAD Autoscan reads your drawings and calculates the quantities
  • The precise estimates are delivered in shortest possible time


  • Precise estimation on required quantities
  • More than 80% time saving on estimation
  • Fastest delivery of the estimates to the clients
  • Compatible with all versions of AutoCAD
  • Quantification of architectural/structural entities


  • Automatically generates quantities for all major architectural items
  • Bar Bending Schedules (BBS Report) for RCC items
  • Generates RCC quantities for column/footing/ beam /staircase etc.
  • Entities with irregular shapes can also be processed