Experience Seamless Infrastructure Management with Farvision ERP

Get a bird's eye view of your infrastructure development projects

The infrastructure sector faces numerous challenges, from designing new projects to sourcing funds and procuring raw materials on time. Farvision ERP, a robust infrastructure ERP software, provides a comprehensive solution to address these concerns and drive business growth. With Farvision, you can streamline operations, increase revenue, and achieve planned execution and organizational control. Experience the power of the best infrastructure ERP software with Farvision ERP.

Farvision ERP has developed this software specifically for the Real Estate industry. It's a CRM for Real Estate that allows organizations to better understand their customers, helping them to develop new sales strategies accordingly. This B2B CRM software is set up on cloud technology, and its user-friendly dashboard enables improved analytics and the best possible lead conversion rate.

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Farvision ERP for Infrastructure Industry

Efficient Cash flow, Budgeting and Coordination with Suppliers
Helps in making business process dynamic
Timely completion of projects
Abide by statutory rules and regulations
Asset Management throughout their lifecycle with ease
Profitably plan the infrastructure business expansions
Boosts operational performance
Enables end to end project tracking

Let's simplify your business together

Getting the best from your Equipments

  • Log Book Mechanism for Optimum Control -Ensures the Equipment cost is being taken up by idle hours & down time.
  • Equipment Mobilization -Get to know what equipments are mobilized and for how long and determine their availability and transit position.
  • Financial integration -Providing data in Equipment Running, Maintenance Costs and analyze the accuracy of Earned Machine Rate (EMR) for the project.

Managing, tendering & client Billing made easy

  • Tender Rate and Quantity vs. Actuals -Income tracking as per Tender revenue to be earned and then subsequently profit/loss per line item of work done or executed.
  • Running Account/Progress Billing from the Work Done -Certification Process followed by raising of Contract Bill that helps to keep Contract Receipts updated.