Farvision Salesforce App

Make enquiry and follow up from any place

Initiate your sales process and continue with a prospective deal at any time, from any place. Put your mobile phones to work and create new contacts, make enquiries, view status and follow-up with prospective clients. Enhance your sales and ensure success with Farvision Mobile Apps.


  • Creating new contacts / enquiries for the prospective clients
  • Subsequent follow ups for each enquiry
  • Assigning status to the enquiries as per business prospect
  • Display of enquiry status and follow-up history
  • Contacting prospective clients through emails and phones


  • Creating new contacts for every single enquiry
  • Name, address, e-mail id, mobile number of prospective clients are stored
  • Subsequent follow up schedule with job assigned to specific person
  • Assigning status for each enquiry as per business prospect
  • Contact the prospective clients by phone or e-mail
  • Display of detailed follow-up history & auto synchronization with Farvision


  • Sales force automation through creating new contacts and follow-ups
  • In-sync with the business at any time, from any corner of the globe
  • Access to business data from mobile phones eliminates the need to carry laptops
  • Allows new contact creation and follow-ups even without internet connection


  • Enquiry status can be altered as per change in business scenario
  • The contacts that have been created from the phone can be edited or deleted as per requirement
  • Follow up to expedite sales and turning prospects into successful business