Prateek Group

Country or Region: India
Industry: Real Estate
Year of Implementation : 2011

Customer Profile
Prateek Group is a fast growing company in Delhi NCR

Business Situation
Prateek Group was growing fast and needed an Application and the Directors needed a system which would give them operational control over processes.

Farvision Modules Implemented
Financials, Materials, Engineering, CRM and Marketing, Payroll and HR

Key Pain Areas

  • Marketing system was collapsing with their legacy software.
  • Booking control over prices was not there.
  • Procurement was not proper and largely undocumented.


  • Gave clear operational control over CRM and Marketing
  • Connecting to Customers using SMS and EMail using technology to interact with customers.
  • Procurement could be done based on Management Approvals and Workflows
  • Ability to Automate all Departments from which information was not easily available.