Sheth Developers

Country or Region: India
Industry: Real Estate
Year of Implementation : 2011

Customer Profile
Sheth Developers is one of the largest Real Estate Companies in Mumbai with mega projects in Maharashtra.

Business Situation
Being a very large Real Estate company with over a 100 users Sheth required all processes to get stream lined as soon as possible as they were running in house developed legacy systems but needed to move to high performance system..

Farvision Modules Implemented
Financials, Materials, Engineering, CRM and Marketing, Payroll and HR

Key Pain Areas

  • Operational Process Control was needed
  • Without Integration there was duplication and possibilities of mistakes.


  • Seamless integration of Engineering and CRM with Financials.
  • Complete control over Business processes through an exhaustive Workflow
  • Automation of day to day processes bringing in Operational Control over functions.